This APP is for all those who need to give a time to the speaker from a pulpit. Often the speakers don't just end their speeches in the time allotted to them, so whoever heads the meeting with this APP will be able to remember by sending a message to indicate that the time is up.

It will be very useful during meetings and conferences where it is important to stay on schedule.


Step by step procedure:

Step One

Pair the two devices (two Android phones) by activating the Bluetooth connection.

Step Two

Download the APP on two smartphones and launch it on both devices

Step Three

choose the smartphone "transmitter" and the one that will act as "receiver".

Step Four

Press "Connection to Receiver" on the Sender and "Connect to Sender" on the Receiver

At this point the two devices are connected, the device that will act as a receiver can be positioned on the pulpit and with the device that will act as a Sender you can send messages to the speaker to invite him to close the speech when you decide that the time is over .

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